Saturday, 3 September 2016

How to Make a Home Look Bigger than it Is

When you’re in a home, sometimes you might start to think about how to jazz up a place.  You might want to get a bed that’s way bigger, but your ceilings and such might not accommodate it.  You might want to put in a faux brick wall as an accent wall, but you have no idea what would work for it.  Well, there are some different sorts of tips you can use to make a ceiling and home look way bigger than it is, and you’ll be able to start to realize how big our home really is. 

The first, is to go monochromatic with the linens and such.  Many people love patterns, but if you actually want to show off the max space of your bed, work with whites and other solid colors, and also minimalize the amount of black that you use.  Black can be stylish, but also do make sure that the linens don’t’ contrast with a faux brick wall you might have, or even the wall colors.
You should also be a minimalist with the various throws that you have and the pillows.  Many of us sleep with way more pillows than we need.  You should figure out how many you’ll need on the bed and from there put the rest in storage.  The real exception to this is a plush comforter that is folded, for that can make the bed look way bigger as well. 

You should also look into getting a headboard or a piece of art, even a faux brick wall if you need that.  Many of these are great because not only does it stop pillows from being lost, but it actually will frame your bed, and it will make your bed look much bigger than it is in many bigger and smaller rooms.  If you don’t want a headboard, just get some art of a faux brick wall, for it can do the same thing, and often, if you use the paneling for the brick wall sparingly, it can make a place look way killer.

Finally, start to add a bench at the end.  It will allow your bed to look much longer for the taller people that are there, and along with that, it will allow you to also create a storage space as well, because many of the stage benches that you see are also great for you to store items.  They might look to take up space, but they actually do make a great piece of visualization, and from there, it’ll allow your space to look more killer, and even better.

For those looking to benefit their home, try these in the bedroom, for they can create great sorts of impacts for yourself, and in your home as well. Try this, and you’ll see the results of your actions immediately, meaning that you can create a killer space without too much effort if you do this the right way. 

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